Unblocked website

Vietnam Thoi Bao

Vietnam Thoi Bao (Vietnam Times) is the website of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN). With “critical spirit” as its motto, it covers subjects related to human rights, politics and the economy. Created in July 2014, it was blocked three days after going online.

The website was the target of four cyber-attacks in the space of eight months: in July and August 2014 and January and March 2015. As the Vietnamese authorities regard the IJAVN as a dissident organization, its leaders are often the targets of provocations or are harassed by the police.

The IJAVN nonetheless almost doubled its membership in barely a year and the number of visits to the Vietnam Times site has increased significantly. Pham Chi Dung, the journalist who heads the IJAVN and edits the Vietnam Times, is on the RSF list of “100 Information Heroes.”