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Sendika.org is an alternative news website that was launched 14 years ago. It aims to serve as a mouthpiece for those without a voice and to cover stories ignored by mainstream media – including social issues, the Kurdish issue, and the women’s and LGBT movements. Recognized as a leading source of news about the crackdown on the Occupy Gezi movement in 2013, it has also provided cutting-edge reporting on many other sensitive stories such air strikes against civilian targets in Roboski, the Soma coalmine explosion, rioting linked to the siege of Kobane, President Erdogan’s Syria policy and clashes in the southeast.

Sendika.org is one of the dozens of news sites that have been blocked since the resumption of hostilities between the government and PKK-led Kurdish rebels in July 2015. Fourteen mirror sites have so far been blocked, one after the other. Would-be readers are currently redirected to the Sendika15.org address.