Republic of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia

Slight improvement

Systematic attacks on press freedom were a constant feature of the decade of rule by Nikola Gruevski and his VMRO party, which finally ended when the VMRO lost the June 2017 elections. During his 10 years as prime minister, Gruevski established a level of control over the media that was without parallel in the Balkans, and many leading opposition media had to stop operating. For the time being, the national radio and TV public broadcaster still serves the VMRO. The fall of the Gruevski “regime” has led to a slight reduction in government control of the media but it is still too soon to be sure of the government’s intention to engineer a lasting improvement in the situation. There has been no significant change in the economic situation of republic of North Macedonia’s journalists, who are usually poorly paid and have little job security.

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111 in 2017

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35.74 in 2017

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