June 17, 2011 - Updated on January 25, 2016

Forced to flee but not silenced – Exile media fight on

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To mark World Refugee Day on 20 June, Reporters Without Borders is paying tribute to those journalists who manage to continue working as journalists after being forced to flee their country. By so doing, they defy those who tried to silence them.

Journalists from many different countries were interviewed for the report, entitled Forced to flee but not silenced – Exile media fight on. Whether from Burma, Sri Lanka, Rwanda or Cuba, their accounts describe the plight of their fellow journalists and the violation of rights and freedom in their country. Their personal stories are often secondary.

These journalists feel compelled to keep reporting, in order to prevent a veil of silence from being drawn over their country, in order to thwart the press freedom predators who took pleasure in forcing them to flee abroad.

Reporters Without Borders is proud of the fact that it has been able to support some of the initiatives of these exile journalists, whether by providing funding or my helping to make others aware of what they are saying.

This report also includes a summary of what the Reporters Without Borders Assistance Desks in Paris and Berlin have done so far this year.