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RSF, ACOS join Medill and Foley Foundation to launch Safety Guide for JournalistsLearn more hereReporters Without Borders was founded in France in 1985. As an organization with consultative status at the UN and UNESCO, Reporters Without Borders works to promote and defend freedom of information worldwide. Headquartered in Paris, the organization has 11 international offices (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Tunisia, Brazil and the United States) and over 150 correspondents spread across five continents.

In the United States, Reporters Without Borders is a 501c3 organization carrying out the mission to protect and defend journalists working both internationally and in the United States.

Americans treasure their First Amendment rights, but do not always realize the extent to which freedom of information is at risk globally, and how that affects their own right to be informed. Reporters Without Borders USA (RSF USA) seeks to raise awareness among Americans to this fact and getting Americans involved in preserving freedom of information at home and abroad.

With the help of a few intrepid supporters, Reporters Without Borders USA was founded in 2004 in New York City with the objective to extend the international mission of Reporters Sans Frontières in the United States. In 2005 RSF USA moved its work to Washington, D.C. to strengthen the effectiveness of its advocacy, and quickly won a solid reputation in D.C. as an outspoken defender of freedom of information.

Thanks to its staff, its board and its volunteering correspondents, RSF USA plays a central role in the assistance of journalists and in the expansion of our grassroots activities, but also in the communication and the advocacy missions of the whole organization.Fund to support familiesSee more

Apply for an internship with RSF USA

The Reporters Without Borders Washington, D.C. Internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the role of press freedom and human rights in the United States and abroad.

Responsibilities include drafting press releases, planning events, managing the contacts database, animating the U.S. university chapters network, and assisting the Washington, D.C. team in research and advocacy.

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Excellent writing skills are required.

French knowledge is a plus.

Successful candidates will be self-starters who are adept at multitasking. Interns should work well under pressure and still pay strict attention to details, be resourceful, and creative in responding to requests.

Interns must be available for at least three days of the week.

Send your resume and cover letter to [] with 2-3 writing samples.

Reporters Without Borders

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