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A worldwide coalition of NGOs, media outlets, journalists and prominent public figures are supporting Reporters Without Borders (RSF) initiative for the creation of a Special Representative to the United Nations Secretary General for the safety of journalists. It is an urgent issue for all those who want to end violence against reporters and defend access to information around the world.

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Media outlets, journalists, NGOs and prominent figures on every continent have joined in calling for the appointment of a “journalists’ protector” with the position of special representative to the UN secretary-general for the safety of journalists, in accordance with a proposal by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

journalists killed
in 2016

This coalition is urging the United Nations and its Member States to give this position the political weight, capacity for rapid action and legitimacy to coordinate UN efforts for the safety of journalists.

Read the appeal for a protector of journalistsRead the appeal for a protector of journalists

The goal is to establish a concrete mechanism that enforces international law and thereby finally reduces the number of journalists killed every year in the course of their work.

(at least) journalists killed
since 2006

The adoption of many UN resolutions on protecting journalists and combatting impunity has not had concrete results, if we are to judge by statistics. According to RSF’s figures, at least 780 journalists and media workers were killed in their course of their work in the past ten years, and 78 journalists were killed in 2016 alone.

Through them, the right to information of hundreds of millions of citizens has been sacrificed. The main problems of the world, from environmental issues to extremist violence, cannot be resolved without the work of journalists.

It is time for concrete action.

It is time for journalists to work in a safe environment and to put an end to impunity.

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