November 16, 2015 - Updated on January 20, 2016

RSF tribute to Anna and Aurélie

The Reporters Without Borders community (RSF) is in mourning for two friends who were killed in last Friday’s shootings and suicide bombings in Paris.
Anna Pétard Lieffrig, 24, called herself our “dedicated graphic designer” while working for us as an intern from March to September 2013. She was killed outside the Petit Cambodge restaurant with her sister Marion. We share their parents’ desolation. Anna will leave us with the eternal memory of a cheerful and brilliant young woman. We also mourn the death of Aurélie, 33, one of the daughters of Jean-Marie de Peretti, a longstanding member of the RSF administration and close friend. Aurélie was killed at the Bataclan club, a placed she loved to visit. Her sister Delphyne also used to work at RSF as events manager. Jean-Marie and Delphyne, RSF is at your side. RSF’s board of governors, all of the current and former staff and all of the sections offer their most heartfelt condolences to the families of Anna and Aurélie. Even the most powerful words are inadequate, but please be aware that we share your deep sorrow. A tribute will be paid to Aurélie, Anna and Marion at the RSF Prize award ceremony tomorrow in Strasbourg. RSF wages a tireless combat against radical armed groups that create information back holes and regimes that promote ideologies opposed to freedom. We will continue to defend journalists who shed light on the reality behind conflicts, on the hidden supporters of violence and on the despots who encourage terrorism. Free, independent, open, lucid and courageous journalism – the only journalism worthy of the name – will ensure that life prevails.