February 20, 2002 - Updated on January 20, 2016

Radio Djido manager Lucienne Moreo-See mugged

Reporters Sans Frontières is indignant at the aggression on journalist Lucienne Moreo-See, manager of radio Djido, on 13 February 2002, and conveys its wholehearted sympathy and support. RSF condemns the threats poured on the phone against the journalists of the radio and the intimidation acts they have been subjected to. Once more RFS is concerned about the increase of violent acts toward journalists in New Caledonia. Further to letters sent last February 13, to three members of the New Caledonian Parliament; Pierre Frogier, deputy and president of the Government of New-Caledonia, Jacques Lafleur, deputy and president of New-Caledonia Southern Province Assembly and Simon Loueckotte, senator and president of the Congress of New-Caledonia, the organisation reiterates, to the political officials of the territory, its request to condemn the assaults of Etienne Dutailly, founder and editor of Nouméa satirical monthly review Le Chien bleu ("The Blue Dog"), and of Lucienne Moreo-See. RSF asks that all means necessary to identify and punish the perpetrators of these aggressions be set up.