April 29, 2004 - Updated on January 20, 2016

Journalist granted provisional release

Reporters without borders applauds the provisional release of Jean-Baptiste
Hounkonnou, publication director of the independent daily "Le Nouvel Essor",
one and a half months after his imprisonment.

"This is a laudable decision for the Beninese government, as this incident
had quite clearly tarnished the reputation of a country that has
traditionally been respectful of journalists' work," the organisation said.

On 16 March 2004, Hounkonnou was sent to Parakou prison, in the eastern
central region of Benin, after receiving a six-month sentence for
"defamation". He was charged with publishing an article, in December 2003,
in which a woman was accused of adultery. The decision was not only in
direct opposition to United Nations recommendations condemning the
punishment of press infractions with prison terms, but was particularly
disturbing coming from a country that has long been a model example of free
expression in Western Africa. In fact, there have been no instances of
journalists being detained since General Mathieu Kérékou's return to power
in 1996.