April 10, 2008 - Updated on January 20, 2016

Gunman tries to kill journalist

Reporters Without Borders called today on Croatian authorities to find and punish those who ordered an attack last night on Ivo Pukanic, co-owner and columnist of Nacional, one of Croatia’s two main weekly papers, who escaped death when a gunman fired at him with a pistol equipped with a silencer in front of his home in Zagreb.

Pukanic saw the attacker in time to duck and the gunman fled after Pukanic fired twice in the air with his own pistol, a police spokeswoman said.

Pukanic founded Nacional in 1995 with journalist Denis Kuljs and in 1993 interviewed in Venice then-fugitive former Croatian Gen. Ante Gotovina, since arrested and now being tried by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia for war crimes against Serbs during fighting in 1995.