September 30, 2005 - Updated on January 20, 2016

European parliament condemns crackdown on press

Reporters Without Borders today welcomed a resolution on Nepal which the European parliament adopted almost unanimously yesterday and which, in its 12th point, says “all restrictions on media freedom must be immediately lifted and all political prisoners must be either released or charged.” The press freedom organisation, which has often interceded with members of the European parliament about Nepal, said, “King Gyanendra must heed the parliament's appeal for the lifting of all the measures taken against the privately-owned press, and the government must implement its recommendations as quicky as possible.” The resolution is clear in its condemnation of human rights violations by King Gyanendra's government. To keep pressure on the Nepalese authorities, the European parliamentarians call for sanctions to remain in place, especially those concerning military aid. They also recommend forming a contact group with the UN, India and the United States. To justify these positions, the resolution refers several times to the arrests of journalists at demonstrations and the newly-decreed laws against the press.