Information hero

María Pía Matta

María Pía Matta is a campaigner for the rights of women and indigenous groups and for more than 20 years has personified the independent station Radio Tierra, which broadcasts from Santiago with the goal of strengthening social dialogue among local communities. In 2003 she was appointed Vice-President of the South American branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). She carries out fact-finding missions on freedom of expression in areas of conflict in Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela. In Chile, she does similar work in areas dominated by traditional Mapuche culture. Her commitment has made her a pioneer campaigner on behalf of community radio and TV stations, which have become beacons of freedom of expression in South America. Matta became international president of the AMARC in 2010 and helps to develop the right to information and promote dialogue between civil society and governments.