Information hero

Israpil Shovkhalov

Israpil Shovkhalov edits Dosh, the only independent magazine that specializes in political, economic and social developments in Chechnya and the rest of the Russian Caucasus. Since its creation in 2003, it has served as a unique information outlet and forum for dialogue in the face of government censorship and ubiquitous violence. But tackling such sensitive subjects as corruption, enforced disappearances and the consequences of Chechnya’s two wars entails risk. Shovkhalov and Dosh publisher Abdulla Duduyev were briefly kidnapped in Ingushetia in March 2010. Harassment, threats and smear campaigns have nonetheless not stopped Dosh from covering the Caucasus on a shoestring. On the contrary, Shovkhalov and Duduyev keep on developing new projects. In 2013, they and the NGO Sintem together launched a magazine by and for women called Slovo Zhenshchiny.