Unblocked website

Hablemos Press

The Cuban government maintains a complete monopoly on news and information and tolerates no independent media aside from a few Catholic magazines. Internet access continues to be restricted because of its prohibitive cost and is tightly controlled.

Founded in 2009, Hablemos Press is an independent news agency that covers a range of subjects including human right violations by the authorities. Thanks to its 30 correspondents in Cuba’s 15 provinces, it has established itself as a key source of online information about Cuba. Blocked by the government and inaccessible in Cuba since 2011, its website is hosted abroad.

Its journalists and contributors are hounded by the regime. Their equipment is confiscated. Their mobile phones are disconnected. They are summoned by the department for internal security and told to change their editorial policies. Like other independent journalists and bloggers in Cuba, they are exposed to death threats, intimidation, smear campaigns, arrest, arbitrary detention and physical violence. But they continue to work to “reinforce the process of democratization.”