RSF unblocks 24 censored websites

Starting on World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, Internet users throughout the world will have free and unrestricted access to Ozguruz (Turkish journalist Can Dundar’s website in Turkey), Azathabar (in Turkmenistan), Meydan (Azerbaijan), Doha News (Qatar) and Alqst (Saudi Arabia).

How does RSF outsmart censorship?

Operation #CollateralFreedom circumvents technological censorship by means of an original strategy in which “mirrors” or duplicates of the censored websites are created on the servers of the world’s Internet giants. Authoritarian regimes cannot block access to the mirrors without the “collateral damage” of restricting their own access to the services of these Internet companies.

Help us to outsmart censorship!
RSF has to buy bandwidth to keep its mirror sites accessible. The more they are visited, the faster this bandwidth is used up. By making a donation, every Internet user can help to fund the bandwidth needed to maintain and extend access to the unblocked websites. New: RSF is offering a Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension called “Censorship detector” that facilitates access to websites within the countries where they are censored.

15 countries enemies of Internet

Focus on Censorship


Media freedom faces many challenges in this small Persian Gulf state. Not only is there a solid system of censorship and a range of subjects that are traditionally off-limits, but journalists also prefer to censor themselves rather than risk criticizing the regime openly. The Qatari TV broadcaster Al-Jazeera has revolutionized the Arab world’s media but the room for free speech is still limited within Qatar. A cybercrime law adopted in late 2014 poses an additional threat to journalists because it criminalizes “false news” and violating “social values and principles.” Doha News, one of the only websites with bold, independent news coverage, was blocked in November 2016 on the official grounds of “licencing problems.”

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