Collateral Freedom: thwarting censorship in 12 “Enemy of the Internet” countries

To mark World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, RSF is launching the sixth round of its Operation Collateral Freedom by making four more news websites accessible in the countries where they are currently blocked.

Collateral Freedom: how RSF frustrates censorship

In order to circumvent website blocking by governments that violate human rights and are Enemies of the Internet, RSF uses the technique known as “mirroring” to duplicate the censored sites and place the copies on the international servers of Internet giants. Blocking these servers in order to make the mirror sites inaccessible would deprive thousands of companies in these countries of access to essential technologies. The economic and political cost would be very high, and hard for the governments to accept.


RSF rents bandwidth for this operation that is gradually used up as more and more people visit the mirror sites. We therefore ask Internet users to help pay for additional bandwidth so that the mirror sites will be available for as long as possible.


Four new websites unblocked in 2020


The mirror sites created by RSF in 2020

RSF blocked in Egypt. Mirror:

La Voix de Djibouti blocked in Djibouti. Mirror:

Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch (mingsheng guancha) blocked in China.*

Weiquanwang (维权网) blocked in China.*

*For security reasons, the link is not communicated.