In Saudi Arabia, there is no free speech and the authorities persecute journalists who criticize the regime. ALQST (whose name means “justice” in Arabic) is a Saudi NGO that was created it August 2014 to monitor and denounce human rights violations by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. It is based in London but has a team that works anonymously inside the country gathering information from victims.

According to ALQST’s president, Yahya Asiri, its website has been blocked within Saudi Arabia since 27 September 2015, after it posted a note explaining the difference between refugees and immigrants and pointing out that the “Syrians” that the Saudi government boasted of having welcomed since 2011 were not refugees. The note went on to urge the government to sign the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. The Pan-Arab news website NoonPost was also blocked within Saudi Arabia after posting a story on the subject the following month. It was Internet users who discovered that access to ALQST had been blocked. The authorities never announced it.