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Freedom of information is the foundation of any democracy. Yet almost half of the world’s population is still denied it.
Becoming a member of Reporters Without Borders, you support our actions in favor of free information in every corner of the globe.
Information is a right for any of us, we need you to defend it. Join us!

  • What is Reporters Without Borders ?

    Reporters Without Borders is one of the world’s leading independent organisations dedicated to promoting and defending freedom of information. Thanks to its network of active correspondents in over 150 countries, Reporters Without Borders strives daily to maintain a free press in every corner of the globe. Registered in France as a non-profit organisation, it has consultant status at the United Nations and UNESCO.

    Reporters Without Borders currently has 10 offices and sections worldwide.

  • What is the use of my contribution?

    To promote and defend information freedom

    Reporters Without Borders continuously monitors and denounces attacks on freedom of information worldwide.

    To fight against censorship

    Reporters Without Borders acts in cooperation with governments to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information; in some cases, a delegation follows it up with an on-site visit to gain more insight into the working conditions of the journalists and meet the country’s officials.

    To support journalists

    Reporters Without Borders provides material and financial aid to journalists needing urgent help, as well as to their families, by awarding around 300 grants annually.

    To mobilize the opinion

    In the wiew of the urgency of certain situations, Reporters Without Borders organises symbolic actions in front of repressive regimes’ embassies, and on the occasion of key international events.

  • Who finances Reporters Without Borders?

    Thanks to the annual funding support from our members, Reporters Without Borders can keep its financial and ethical independence. The membership fee, and any subsequent donations you make, are tax deductible and you’ll be sent a tax receipt.

  • What does being a member of RWB mean?

    Being a part of the organisation’s decisions and development :

    members are invited to the General Assembly to elect their administrators and vote on any strategic proposals.

    Being informed about the state of press freedom around the world :

    members receive information every month about the latest attacks on press freedom and how we plan to challenge them.

    Supporting the actions of Reporters Without Borders and getting involved in defending freedom of information yourself :

    members can participate in our activities and lend support to any demonstrations and campaigns we undertake.

  • As a member, what do I get?

    For residents outside metropolitan France and overseas territories, please pay attention that only the "sponsorship rate" subscribers will receive a membership card and the Press Freedom World Map.

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